pretty, anxious

“how do you know anything is real”


“you don’t”

“that’s irrelevant”

“because it’s a shared world”

“if it’s real to you, it’s real”



I don’t want to do anything

I want to sleep and sit on swingsets

I don’t want to do anything

what did I lose and where did I leave it



it’s exhausting to be so terrified of living
fears I own, fears that don’t belong to me, fear of fearing


Crooked bastards
always with the secrets”
and sly gestures
stirring up milky dust

which stage is this?

|||| ||||

your love is unlike mine
I am massive in my virtue
absolutely cherubic
cute, huh?
no, seriously

but she
she’s pretty
big eyes
big breasts
no soul

I shouldn’t have looked


fail forever

Activity 7

Mixed feelings, baby, mixed feels.


(Draft circa September 5, 2014)

sunshine, turpentine, toothpaste.

I’ve always loved you (gritty).


be cool, in front of your friends.

that’s right.

keep your composure
inquire about your ex girlfriend nonchalantly
let me lean on your arm, grapple me like a new toy

that’s better.


I think you lack purity
but you leak testosterone

|||| ||