Drafts From the Past Pt. II: Madonna


Circa 26 September 2016:


Yes, I’m obsessed.

I once threatened (bluffed) to gauge out
the eyes of those eyesores-
but I would never hurt her
If I could have one superpower
it would be to always be
a hair out of reach, always
one step behind;

to be her shadow’s shadow.

to enter restaurants after her departure
examine the lips imprinted on the pint glass
imagine and fixate on her voice
I want her perfume to linger
in my mouth
as I gape in wonder, and wonder
if she opens her mouth
when she puts on mascara.

she made him
into the man I fight today.
She gave him balls
to leave her-
How dare he breathe her
and turn away



What is sober poetry

does it involve caramel color

and looking into your eyes for longer than 2 heartbeats

I’ve looked for the blue room in you

I’ve looked for it in everyone,

without realizing it was on my mind

I’ve found orange rooms, prairie rooms,
rooms which asked for a feminine touch
rooms which asked for me to take my socks off

but it’s somewhere deeper
and darker

+for now,

I’ll obsess over you